Elevation is interdenominational in makeup and strategically aligned with several organizations: the Assemblies of God, the Willow Creek Association and the Church Multiplication Network.

Elevation is known for our proclamation of the message of GRACE in the Gospel and our creative ministry style, winning several national awards for our video ministry. Elevation is a multi-site community that meets in both rented and permanent facilities for worship gatherings and church events.

Elevation uses video technology during worship and during the teaching portions of certain services. Our worship gatherings have a live speaker, usually our lead teaching pastor. We are excited about what God does among us each week.


Even though Elevation has public gatherings during the weekend for worship, Elevation is a community of house churches and one-on-one discipleship.

House Churches are small communities that meet in homes throughout the Wasatch Front of our Salt Lake Valley. Each house church has its own identity, personality, and feel. Even though you are never required to join a house church, we believe it’s the best thing going at Elevation. It’s the perfect introduction to our church.

Elevation is not a building or a pastor or even an organization, it is a community of people.

We don’t have all the answers and we are not perfect. Most of us don’t fit in with other churches. That is why Elevation is a CHURCH FOR THE REST OF US.